Monday, 7 April 2014

Visit in Croatia

Opatija, near the Adriatic Sea,  the 3rd Apr 2014

Our certificates

With certificates 

The trip to Croatia 30.03.2014. - 05.04.2014.

The trip to Croatia was very interesting and fun. Waiting for the plane to Croatia, we spent a lot of time in the airport. When we were in Zagreba airport, we were greeted by Portuguese teacher Teresa and her students. We waited for the Romanian teachers and their students and then we went to Varaždin, to the hotel.
In the first day we went to the Croatian school Šemovec, where we were greeted by all of the teachers and the students. They surprised us with interesting songs and traditional dances. We joined all of the workshops. I felt amazing because everyone was very friendly.
On Tuesday we went to the Barac’s Caves and Plitvička lakes. In the Plitvička lakes there were very beautiful waterfalls.
On Wendesday we were in another Croatian primary school – Trnovec. We went to visit two castles. At this day I liked to dance Zumba the most.
On Thursday we went to Rijeka and Opatija, where we saw the Adriatic sea.
On Friday we visited the County Mayor’s Office.  And then we were in Zagreb. And in the evening we went to the hotel to get ready for the last dinner, where we got our certificates and a lot of gifts. J
On Saturday we went to the airport and waited for the plane to go to Latvia! J 
I really loved this trip. In these five days I got a lot of new friends and a lot of new experience.
Dinija Pušķe, 7th class student,  
Sērmūkši primary school

Many pictures here: Osnovna Škola Šemovec

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