Monday, 17 February 2014

Song festival

Our song festival will be at 10th of March 11am -16pm 
(festival online 12-14 pm) Latvian time. At 11.00 am we will start prepare to song festival.
Our song festival will start by FlashMeeting at:
10.00 Portugal time
11.00 Croatia time
12.00 Latvia time
12.00 Romania time
12.00 Turkey time

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The trip to Portugal

Sērmūkši primary school
7th grade student
Dinija Pušķe

This was the first time when I flew with a plane and the feelings were fantastic.

When we arrived to Portugal, I had a warm feeling because in Portugal it was spring. When we were going to the schools in Portugal I felt amazing, because the teachers and the students were very kind and nice. 

Under the Cork tree

Teacher Teresa thought of a lot of interesting things to view. We were in Lisbon too and we saw the statue of Cristo Rei.

Obidos  Castle

Obidos  Castle

Everything in Portugal was very beautiful. From our hotel room we saw an amazing view - the Atlantic ocean.

I met a lot of new friends. I was really happy that we could meet the friends from Portugal.
The most of all I liked that on Sunday we went to the mountains with teacher Teresa and her family. We saw how the ocean looks from the mountains.

Our certificate