Friday, 21 November 2014

Rain water monitoring - Latvia

Click on the map: You will see some points - there are tables with results. 
Our new scientists are Andra, Dinija, Krista and Ritvars. :)
You can see our students results of research work and pictures about the rain water in our village.
You can see also place in our village where they collected rain water.
Dinija measured rain water Ph. 


·        From the 21 days, where we were monitoring and measuring the rain water, it was raining eight days. Rainy days were 38%  of the total interest amount.
·        The total number of rainfall is 248.2 ml.
·        20th of October was the day where there was the most ml of the rainfall.
·        ph level.
o   In chemistry, pH (/p / or /p h/) is a measure of the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution. Solutions with a pH less than 7 are said to be acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are basic or alkaline. Pure water has a pH very close to 7. (info: )
o   In Latvia mostly on the rainy days, the ph level was 5. It means it was acid.

·        Most of the days there was North wind. In other days there was the East, West and North wind. 

Dinija Pušķe, Grade 8th

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Art works with sea elements II

Here we are again with our candle art.
We arranjed some glass cups and painted it.Put some sea shells to decorate.
Now they are candle ligths suports.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Research work about the rain water. (monitoring 3 weeks)

During 3 weeks our students had a TASK : to monitorise the rain water. But it wasn't raining so much . We measure the PH and the degree of pollution. Our physic teacher , Serban Paula worked with students from 8th grade .

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Meeting in Romania

Our trip to Romania was great. To meet our friends again and be a part of everything they had prepared for us made us feel so special. Here are some photos.