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The History of Swimsuits - Latvia

The History os Swimsuits - Romania

A Legend - Latvia

Folklore Latvia - A legend

A legend says that once a terrible storm threatened with imminent death for a ship in the Baltic Sea. The captain was the only one who believed  God will save them.  He promised to build a church in place where his ship will lead.

A miracle happened: suddenly the wind changed the direction and the ship led to Jūrkalne shore. The captain named the place Lucky Hill and he built the church as he promised. The place, where the church was, is  underwater now.

Folklore Latvia folk song 1

Jūriņ, mana māmuliņa,
Daudz tu man labu dari:
Tu man maizes devējiņa,
Tu man mīļi vizināji.

Folklore Latvia Folk song 2

Kas kait man nedzīvot
Lielas jūras maliņā:
Cik jūriņa viļņus meta,
Tik izmeta sudrabiņu.

Folklore Latvia Folk song 3

Folklore Latvia folk song 4

Legend of the Black Sea

The legend of the Black Sea

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl , named Heraclea , the granddaughter of the god of the Black Sea . She was in love with George, a handsome and brave fisherman . But Tauctis , son of the Aegean Sea, a dragon with three heads , three hearts and nine poisonous claws , wanted Heraclea 's heart too.

When George and Heraclea met on the cliffs to declare Their love Tauctis watched Them through the magic mirror . He wants to declare war to the god of the Black Sea , but , as he can live only in water , he left with all the his snakes against the god of the Black Sea . Heraclea is Taken to a high fortress not to be reached by the snakes . George asked the god of the Balck Sea to let him fight against the snakes but he is REFUSED as he can not live under water . Thus George DECIDED to come to meet Tauctis with the his boat . The spirit of the seas , Nahado , wanted to help George. He built two salt mountains at the border Between the Black Sea and the other seas . By the power given to him by Nahado , George managed to defeat the snakes by breaking into pieces the salt mountains . Nahado in the his turn Told all the sailors to help George , but in the end George and the god of the Balck Sea are defeated by Tauctis . Helped by the his mother , Tauctis took some magic grains to be able to live on land and went to take Heraclea from the fortress . Nahado had not let the sailors die and Thus he gave George three more days to save Heraclea and then he would die . A terrible fight strated Between Tauctis and George. Tauctis cut two of Tauctis ' heads and chained him to a cliff . The salted water from the salt mountains did not let Tauctis ' to cure wounds . George went to save Heraclea and then to die but Nahado just wanted to test Their love so he let George live . The legends says That Their wedding lasted thirty days and They lived happily ever after .

Students draw and creat dialogues for the important moments of the legend.

Mascot - Croatia

Rest at the Sea

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Folklore A moda da Rita

This was the song that Rita sang This was the song that Rita sang There on the new beach Olare, nobody won her There on the new beach Olare, nobody won her. Nobody won it, nobody won her Nobody won it, nobody won her. This was the Olare song that Rita sang, This was the Olare song that Rita sang.

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Rest at the sea in Latvia

Here is a map of Latvia. This map can serve as a virtual guide for travelling in Latvia. The travel destinations on the map are grouped by accommodations, events and tourism objects. 
Look at the map:

The coastline of Kurzeme. One of the wildest, yet at the same time cleanest territories in Latvia, where nature untouched by civilisation comes together with beaches favoured by holidaymakers and modern port cities. Interesting nature objects, original cultural-historical regions – this is the Kurzeme coastline.

The natural diversity of Vidzeme Provides Ample Opportunities for leisurely walks along the rocky sea shore, as well as wild boat rides and skiing. Here one can Admire the Grandeur and splendor of nature's scenery and feel the ancient power That still FLOWS through the mighty castles and old city streets. 
Located along the coast of Vidzeme are Saulkrasti, Ainazi and Salacgriva. The quiet peace of the towns Allows for uninterrupted relaxation, to enjoy the rocky shores and cliffs. At the Beginning of July, during the Fishermen's Festival, the coast comes alive with the smells of smoked fish, markets and concerts.
Vidzeme (Northern Latvia) from LTDA on Vimeo.

Presentation created by 7th grade students