Friday, 29 May 2015

Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle

Latvian students changed lyrics:

We like the Baltic Sea
It’s our pride and joy
It’s meant to be clean
It’s full of amber and coins
Full of secrets
And many unknowned  things
In the bottom of the Baltic sea

In Latvian:

Mums patīk Baltijas jūra,
Tā ir mūsu lepnums un prieks!
Tai ir jābūt tīrai!
Tā ir pilna ar dzintaru un monētām.
Pilna ar noslēpumiem
un daudz nezināmu lietu,
Baltijas jūras dibenā.

Message in a bottle from Ilze S on Vimeo.

Portuguese part of SOS song

In Portugal
there is much bad things happening
there is a lot of pollution,
on land, at sea and on the ground.
Portuguese change your behavior.
Clean the country
just end this torment.

 I`ll send an SOS to the world ...

Portugal from Ilze S on Vimeo.

Other karaoke versions:

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