Saturday, 21 March 2015

Amber in Carpathian Mountains

 Colti is situated in Buzau County, Romania. here there is an AMBER Museum , unique in our country.

The amber collection is unique in our country and among the fewest in the world. Between 1937 and 1948 eight amber mines were functioning in Colti, but they were closed one by one. Locals continued to seek these gemstones, very demanded in jewelry industry.
The Museum of Colti hosts a piece of amber weighing 1,785 grams, and another one of 1,500 grams, amber objects in different shades of colors, from yellow to opaque black, transparent or multiple color shades in one piece.
The museum’s collection, the second in Europe, hosts the oldest amber, dating back 60 million years. The amber from Colti is considered the world’s most famous amber color diversity, with 160 shades that researchers have discovered so far.
Amber is a common accessory for the people of Colti, who wear amber pieces as good luck charms. The amber of Colti is a protected area of ​​national interest from 2000.
 From this Museum we invited in our school the manager of this institution , Matei Sebastian. he came and he presented informations , pps presentations and an old movie about mining amber in our region. 

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Ilze said...

And I thought that amber is only in Baltic countries! Seems we send it to you when was Ice age! ;)