Friday, 27 June 2014

Black Sea

For 2 days our Comenius group was at the  Black Sea. We had a wonderful time and we played games . Here you can see that we love nature and we enjoy the time we spend outside.  We visited the Navy Museum, the Aquarium and we saw the ruins of the old TOMIS ( now city Constanta). Students collected shells , wood, rocks and snails. We saw crabs, medusa, ducks. We played relay race and a game with the rope to see which group is stronger! We had a wonderful time, the weather was perfect. Students were very happy!!

We arrived in Constanta, our city at the Black Sea.

 We visited the Navy  Museum from Constanta.

 The Aquarium .

 Ruins of the old TOMIS, now Constanta!

 Finally the Black Sea!!

 Games at the seaside.

 Thank YOU COMENIUS for this wonderful experience in this project!!!

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Ilze said...

Wonderful to see your activities! So interesting! You had very nice time at the sea. Nice to see so many pictures with you students.
We will meet very soon!